Researchers developed virtual-reality testing ground for drones

Training drones are meant to fly fast, even around the simplest obstacles, which turns out to be a crash-prone exercise that can have engineers who actually repair or replace vehicles with frustrating... Read more »

Could Robots Be Counselors?

For the first time, I have become quite evident that a social robot can also deliver a ‘helpful’ as well as ‘enjoyable’ motivational interview (MI) which is indeed a counseling technique that... Read more »

Better Soft, Eco skeleton, Light Weight Suits and Wearable Robotics

Efforts are on to develop flexible suits with a smart control system that is to be worn by patients with muscle or even nerve damage to assist with mobility. Exoskeletons are skeletons... Read more »

AI Writes Chunks of Code from Keywords

Computer scientists have come up with a deep-learning, software-coding application that indeed can help out human programmers to navigate the growing multitude of often-undocumented application programming interfaces, or rather APIs. The focus... Read more »