5 Innovative Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Advancing Technology

Artificial intelligence is at the center of attention, with corporate and government leaders reflecting on the right things to do. But what’s going on in the lab, where the discoveries of academic researchers and companies will define the AI course for the coming year and beyond? Our own research team at PwC’s AI Accelerator focused on the key developments that technologists and business leaders should be following closely. This is what they are and why they count.

Thanks to recent innovations in cloud computing and the storage and analysis of Big Data, artificial intelligence is making great strides in improving the efficiency of manufacturing environments, leading to better performance. AI also provides essential information to help managers make more informed business decisions.

Artificial Intelligence is a Feel to Touch Technology which improves the human experience to the next level. It is also the latest advanced technology nowadays to make the people feel and drag in playing video games, emotional effects of Animations like 3D, 4D, etc.

5 Innovative ways of AI to Advanced Technology

Surface Table: It is one of the Advanced Technologies in Artificial Intelligence. This table provides one-many hand touch feel. One or three people can touch the surface table and can explain the topics. Mainly, Surface table helps in Group discussions or general meetings more.

Human Torch: Torch is not a kind of light. It is for locating the point in which we want to explain. This Human Torch can help us to move to the exact position of the screen. This Human Torch is one of the Advanced Technology in Artificial Intelligence.

Through Goggles: By placing Goggles, one can feel and view the next generation levels easily. Next Generation Levels in the sense, taking us to the real-time environment. We can feel it. Through Goggles, One can imagine that we are walking there and stepping into the real time.

Pen Technology: This Pen Technology is the easiest way of artificial intelligence which helps humans to work without a keyword and monitors the screen. This technology is implemented in foreign for better results and later onto India. For example, if we don’t have a keyword or it’s not working, we can keep pens with a laser as Keyboard which helps more in typing.

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence plays a crucial role in War Field through Robot technology. We, Humans, created Robots for attacking. While firing the bombs, through Artificial Intelligence of Laser Technology, we can stop and blast the bombs at a certain range. Through Invisible Firing, one can safeguard the team from others. This is how artificial Intelligence took humans to the next level.

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