6 Innovations, ideas, and trends in 2018

There are few things that will impact 2018, but obviously, the innovations, ideas, and trends that will impact one the most are likely the ones close to you and one’s work life — the new implementations, product launches, developments and ideas in one’s workplace.

What innovations, ideas, and trends have been there in 2018?

In 2018 the focus has been on using a digital idea management platform in order to share, develop as well as organize the ideas of oneself and one’s co-workers. One needs to rely on the management platform and that too digital idea management. This will co-workers to be able to get the most out of one’s own innovations, ideas, and trends in 2018.

Much interest developments in 2018 an I would be interesting to understand what else has been in the offing.

1. Augmented Reality

A lot of people believe that augmented reality has been expected to be a hit in 2018. This, not a new technology though. When the iPhone 8, as well as iPhone X, was launched last September, both advertised augmented reality as one of their main features. Since then, of course, lots of app developers have indeed started to work with and implement augmented reality.

2. Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, have indeed become a popular subject in mainstream media a few years ago. Some people are making use of and investing in these new currencies. The cryptocurrency hype indeed has been expected to grow in 2018 and be among the year’s most significant innovations, ideas as well as trends.

3. 3D Printers

3D printing is much heard of now. But is it possible 2018 finally would be the year of 3D printing? The short answer is rather maybe. So far, 3D printing has mostly been made use of by manufacturers (small and big). The price has no doubt decreased, but it does still remain to be seen if a 3D printer will ever be a standard home appliance.

4. Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is not new. The market will require looking at innovations, ideas, and trends to gain an advantage over competitors. This will indeed lead to more changes in Bluetooth technology. It is a true Bluetooth revival no doubt.

5. Streaming Wars

Disney was expected to launch an international streaming service in 2018. Google and Amazon have also been much interested in this market and have their own respective services. With increased competition, one could see more innovations, ideas, and trends that are connected to online streaming.

6. The Death of Retail

People buy less stuff and use the money more for experiences. They would prefer to go out for dinner or travel abroad with friends then buy new clothes. This trend will indeed continue in 2018. With opportunities in the travel and restaurant industry, it will also be interesting to see what sort of innovations, ideas, and trends will emerge and also have emerged. The face of consumerism is definitely changing.

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