How artificial intelligence is Reshaping Recruitment

Dabbling into recruitment industry does involve several issues that need to be dealt with. One has to deal with parsing resumes. As the there is no universal template around which resumes can be written upon and be structured. One has to match jobs and that is indeed a stupendous task. Efforts are made to read and match resumes and an artificial intelligence (AI)-based recruitment solution platform does help companies read as well as match resumes. Companies are actively involved in matching jobs with available resumes. Their resume parsing and matching technology was very good.

 How artificial intelligence is reshaping recruitment?

AI or artificial intelligence is indeed the recent buzzword in the corporate world. In the networked digital era there has been a rather interesting and notable proliferation of smart devices as well as surging of Big Data, AI — or smart machines that can rather think intuitively and also make intelligent sense of the vast data.

Digital giants have made much use of them and will continue to do so. Big Data and AI are of much significance in business operations and cannot be set aside at any cost. Read When is virtual reality a problem?

Meet the New Hiring Manager

The focus is upon work efficiency and how to streamline it. Automation (largely driven by AI) the availability of jobs for manpower, but yet both are given much importance in recruitment policies among big companies and even smaller and medium are adopting them. There will indeed be loss of jobs even in the banking sector globally. Yet the tools and processes that involve AI are proliferating.

Clients have now fewer reservations in endorsing the startup. They have been able to get hold of candidates whom otherwise they found it difficult to tap. Talent acquisition has indeed been much streamlined. One has got good response from candidates.

Artificial intelligence in recruitment

AI is no doubt impacting the recruitment industry in several ways. It is indeed a positive impact and will bring about good results. There are several online job portals available now and candidates have varied choice of selecting a job of their preference. HR consultancy firms avail the service of these job portals.

Social networking has become very popular. Facebook was founded in 2004 and is made much use of for online social and professional networking. Even Twitter, GitHub (for software engineers) to Kaggle (for data scientists), have easy as well as accessible platforms for professionals to interact, network, collaborate as well as seek-and-offer jobs. Several people make use of social media to screen candidates before hiring.

Founded in 1994, Monster did usher in an era of job-seeking as well as hiring just at a time when internet usage was gaining both volume as well as depth globally.

Several other changes are in the offing. Cheap handheld devices, rising internet access and falling data tariffs have also democratized the present digital world. There have been the structural shifts in the economy, which are indeed making the employer-employee relationship complex. Newer pay-per-use models in both products as well as services are being introduced.

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