Technology and Its Impact on Consumer Behavior

On many occasions, a company leadership does face unending challenges especially when it comes to rapid technological changes. Since the information technology emerged, company communication with its customers did take a turn to an unknown destination.

One needs to ponder as to how ten years ago or even 5 years, how businesses did reach their customers? How were customers reaching them?

Technology has indeed given power to customers’ smartphone and tablets. How and why has technology changed the way consumers behave? Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind as one reinvents one’s strategies to keep up with the consumers.

Customers are connected

Almost everybody is living two lives, a vibrant online life and a somewhat boring offline one. One is well connected in one platform or another through one’s network of friends.

Information technology advancements do promote connectivity that does bring together the world as one big community, from the smartphones to super-fast data.

Companies do need to meet the consumers and meet up to their requirements.

Consumer expectations have changed

Technology has indeed totally changed and has introduced e-commerce and mobile phones. Customers can access products at any time. They have raised expectations on what is acceptable customer service and what is not. As a business, one has to keep up with the changed consumer behavior or be out of business.

New communication channels

Earlier, a company provided customer service through emails and did not get prompt responses or via phone calls. These two communication tools had their own respective challenges and favored the company more; it was at the company’s discretion what information to give out.

Now this age is very challenging. Social media platforms and live chat does place one right in front of one’s customer; one cannot sacrifice customers to maintain one’s brand position. Actually, when one does not respond to a query, one does damage one’s brand reputation on account of that information is accessible to millions of people.

The upside of these new tools is that one has a wider data collection pool. One can track one’s research and development by utilizing the big data.

One has been able to see the growth of technology and its impact on consumer behavior. It has become imperative to observe consumer behavior and how technological applications have influenced their lifestyles. Change is inevitable and consumers always are on the lookout for better prospects. One is now exposed to newer forms of communication tools.


Customers are nowadays very powerful in influencing business matters and companies try their level best to fulfill their demands. Instant information has become necessary and efforts are made to find various modes of sophisticated communication tools to spread the required information. Business set-ups have to cater to the needs of the consumer and changed their production methods to meet up to this requirement.

The era is of sophisticated technology providing a decent life to consumers and efforts are on towards this end.

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