Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends For 2019

It is interesting to observe the year ahead predictions of the most significant digital transformation trends. One is quite aware of the fact that digital transformation is not only a technological shift but an organizational change at the intersection of technology, business, and people. There are indeed interesting trends that will emerge in the coming year.

1.5G Fixed to 5G Mobile:

One will come across 5G everywhere. Top companies will make it possible to roll 5G out to both rural and urban locations, thus paving the way for bullish 5G mobile providers—i.e. ATT and Verizon—to start offering new, cooler, faster, more innovative services for mobile users.

2. Chatbots Good to Great:

Much effort is on to ensure that natural language processing and sentiment analytics. In the coming year, larger companies will indeed make it appoint to adopt this forum. AI as well as Chatbots may indeed impact the workforce. Companies will be much involved in up-skilling their workforces rather than displacing them as machines.

3. Connected Clouds (Public, Private, Hybrid):

The focus is on continued evolution and growing pains of respective cloud adoption. Companies are indeed realizing that going all public cloud, private cloud, or data center does not happen to be the best option. Connected clouds are indeed continuing to develop to meet companies’ changing needs. Be it cloud-source storage, networking, security, or app deployment. The term, Multicolored will be no doubt the new buzzword for the cloud conversation.

4. Blockchain Finally Understood and Flops:

The only way to get mass blockchain adoption is to be able to create a plug-and-play version that one can make use of and understand. The financial industry is also looking at this closely as well as a mass of applications in the transportation of goods and services.

5. Data to Analytics to Machine Learning to AI:

Data is key to companies to be able to make good decisions about products, services, employees, strategy and more. Efforts are on to make use of data effectively. The focus is on market leadership keeping in view the promotion of data and thus being able to ensure meaningful business analytics.

6. GDPR Forces Brand Hands:

It means informed customers will indeed start to see which companies truly care about protecting their data, and which companies actually do not. Companies will have to figure out better ways to genuinely build relationships with their audience.

7. AR Yes, VR (Still) No:

This is a highly specialized application in the present day marketplace. AR has enabled enterprise workforce training. It is indeed very useful

8. Edge to Core and IoT Much More:

More space is required to process the data.

9. Consumption-Based IT Services for the Win (FTW):

Emphasis is being laid on efficiency, having more flexibility with workloads and ability to scale up and down quickly based on the business requirements.

10. CEOs Take the Reins:

Digital transformation will indeed start at the very top of the company. Trends are indeed geared delegated to IT, Marketing or HR departments.

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