Big data site helps groups assist homeless people

The most vulnerable do need help.

It will help identify areas where homeless and in-need locals are struggling to find help. The idea is indeed to connect service providers with those who need support with housing, a meal, money help, health and wellbeing services, support as well as counseling and much more.

The new open data platform will make use of anonymous, location-based search data to find where people are looking for support in areas where services are lacking.

Big data site helps groups assist homeless people

  • The idea is to make better decisions and drive better outcomes for people who do need support.
  • Services are provided for mobile laundry and shower services to people experiencing homelessness that have made use of the platform to understand where their vans are most needed.
  • Efforts are also on to better understand the needs of the people they are helping.
  • The ideas are to become more informed and also to provide the opportunity for volunteers to better support friends.
  • Information and technology can also better connect people with the community and to use the data to help friends in need.
  • These technologies do decide who gets public services and who are denied public services. The idea is to monitor and police the most marginalized people in the society.
  • Data-based technologies have changed the way public services are indeed managed.
  • Technologies are meant to produce the results that are required.
  • And marginalized groups are indeed more exposed to this system of surveillance precisely because they do need to access the benefits and programs.
  • The idea is to create better technologies for public services and to deal with poverty.

Big data site helps groups assist homeless people

Spending habits often render some people homeless as they tend to spend their rent on something else and they get evicted. They end up in a homeless shelter. The problem faced by social service agencies is trying to ascertain who is likely to become homeless very soon amid thousands of eviction notices, and thus being able to reach to them who need help.

Marketing firms try to use “big data” to target potential customers. Data is used by court records, shelter history, and demographic information and also to identify people at risk of becoming homeless. A highly targeted marketing campaign is made use of to sell something. The eviction process is indeed a very arduous task and it is tough on those who are rendered homeless.

Efforts are made to know which neighborhoods are good and focus is upon certain indicators such as previous experience with the shelter system, education level, employment status, age and even factors going back to childhood such as interaction with the foster care system.

Outreach letters are sent or one can make use of a hotline number to call or text to set up an appointment. Only the targeted families are given the hotline number, so their calls went to the top of the priority list, making the process of connecting them with services as efficient as possible.

One has to make sure that big data is not used in ways that could have negative repercussions. Even nonprofit organizations are interested in shelter schemes and evictions are handled by city and housing courts.

It is essential to target the most vulnerable populations.

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