How Will the Crossroads of Creativity and Big Data Impact the Industry?

Data and creativity do impact the marketing scenario. Both have been interacting well and have also evolved over a period of time. The union of data and creativity certainly have a positive role to play in market operations, and also in the industry dealings. Required steps need to be taken to ensure that both these benefit the businesses as well as consumers.

Data does provide marketers with the required tools in order to get their creativity as well as their carefully considered ideas in front of the proper audience. Being foremost in the mobile world and with emerging markets indeed leading the charge, data analytics, as well as concerned insights, are rather becoming progressively more important for specific marketing on mobile. The idea is to capitalize on the burgeoning markets. Competition is stiff in the race for making it first in mobile ecommerce.

No doubt, the union of data as well as creativity has a positive impact upon the industry, yet steps need to be taken to ensure that both businesses and consumers do benefit.

Data-driven analytics does not come without its roadblocks as well as pitfalls. The modern advertising industry, in particular, digital advertising, is now the in-thing and a new reality in the business set-up. Data can still be collected in a secure as well as mutually beneficial way, but no doubt transparency as well as processes that have to be maintained at all cost. Clients and consumers are indeed taking extra steps to ensure that their data is indeed being made use of and sourced in an ethical manner.

Building the right data as well as an analytics team is another important step for the purpose of integrating big data into one’s creative strategies, whether it be an in-house hire effort or even sourced to an outside data and analytics firm. The rise of the CIO inside the given creative agencies will indeed not only lead to more informed and directed campaigns going forward but will also require outside help. In fact, there are a number of firms that do specialize in both mobiles as well as more traditional data insights.

The amalgamation of data, as well as creativity, can be much overdue, but issues will rise at times. The proper combination of the two will indeed give marketers every opportunity to possess a tool that they would need to make the best possible inroads into the emerging markets and also to thrive at the same time on the home front. Questions will be raised about the collection of this data and at the same time, agencies need to ensure that they are compliant as well as up-to-date with regulations and industry standards. It is beneficial to be for all concerned even to the consumer. It is indeed good to collect and also use data and to adopt the regulations as well as guidelines that have been outlined in the GDPR. Similar to data and creativity, the relationship between oneself and the consumer must be mutually beneficial.

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