Impact of Technology on Human Relations

There has been a change in human interactions on account of technological applications such as the Internet and cellphones. Youngsters spend more time on the cell phone, Facebook page, or email in order to communicate which can upset the older people who do not use much of it. These changes in the mode of communication do affect business relations as well. Customers expect instantaneous feedback and service. Companies also look for employees who are well versed in making use of new technological applications. For them, such knowledge enhances productivity and profit.

The impact of technology on relationships can be in the form of friendly or familial relationships or even romantic. No doubt, one tends to depend on social media and technological communication has to be changing the face of relationships as well as communication.

The first major change that has happened within communication is that now we are indeed able to communicate with each other at any time, there is indeed no romantic wait for a hand delivered-letter, no waiting by the phone for even a call from one’s date. One is more likely to receive a text or an online instant message. This is somewhat positive, as communication is indeed important in a relationship, and technology does take some of the anxiety out of early communication.

One must realize that the most positive part of technological advancement is that social networking is the widening of one’s options. One can build friendships and relationships with anyone, from anywhere in the world. One can build international relationships in order to broaden one’s mental horizon. Social media is indeed an essential component of technology applications.

One indeed needs to have look at some of the important technological communication getup that are in much use these days.

1. Whatsapp

This is the very popular form of modern communication and is used very frequently by people of all ages.

2. Facebook

One does socialize and build new contacts through this social media organ.

3. Instagram

This is also very popular and is made much use to communicate to a larger audience.


One spends a lot of time on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Social media is used to foster relationships. In fact, the communication gap has been bridged by such media. One can make use of social information for various purposes which have been acquired through these various social media forums. One has access to face-to-face communication and can easily transmit ideas across the world.

The idea is to improve work relationships among employees and also to encourage better communication between the employee and employer. This in turns improves productivity and profits as well.

Technology has improved human relationships and this has been possible via better communication processes. Newer forms of communications methods are being adopted and in this regard, technology is indeed making a lot of improvements.

We are in an age of computer-aided communication and much personal and professional work is carried out on computers. The internet is very popular and is being utilized in various spheres of activities that involve our daily lives.

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