Importance of interactive maps in Big Data Space

The Big Data sector is expected to grow exponentially in India, boosting employment opportunities in the information technology sector. It is expected to experience multiple growths by 2025, said Suresh Katta, founder of US software company Saama Technologies.

Importance of interactive maps in Big Data Space

At a data analysis conference on the VIT-AP Amaravati campus on Thursday, he said opportunities to work in the field of data science over the next 20 years were numerous. Mr. Katta said that by focusing on new technologies, students can find work anywhere in the world.

Importance of interactive maps in Big Data Spacecisco learning network space

He said there is strong demand for artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, machine learning, and analysis, thus increasing employment opportunities. He said that a large part of the computer workforce should be converted to data science to get the most out of this job boom.

Mr. Katta congratulated VIT-PA Vice-President Sekar Viswanathan and Vice-Chancellor D. Subhakar for the quality of education provided to students.  Airline Tests Blockchain

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