IBM believes that Blockchain has not reached its end says

What is IBM Blockchain?

IBM Blockchain is a public cloud service that customers can use to create secure blockchain networks. … The blockchain is a notion that was brought to the attention of the public in 2008 to track transactions in bitcoin digital currency. Basically, the chain of blocks is a transparent and inviolable digital book.

On August 16, Chadar News hosted an interview with IBM’s Global Block Chain Market Development, Jessie Lund, Vice President of FSS. The famous cryptocoryne have shown a lower trend since the beginning of August.

Lund talks about payments using fixed opportunities for sustainable coins, the blockchain, and blockchain. When Lund questioned the greatest possibility of Bland’s consciousness, he said: “I believe in the evolution of this technology and I think you know. Knowledge versus other industries The service has a large transformation over services. Initially, Lund believed that banks were slow to adapt to the blockchain system. After the start of the banks, it looks at some of the fastest growth in the world.

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Lund today believes that the incompetent infrastructure of the world’s payment system can solve global payments. He said: “If you look back over time, there are not many investments in the worldwide payment infrastructure in the last 50 years … or I can actually block that blockbuster, a positive sense of the term global payment.” VP also has a constant coincidence with the Crypto and Blockchain reception Shared his views about the character.

Lund has stated that volatility is currently the biggest concern in Crypto. However, he believes that it “ultimately works”.

Emphasizing the opposition to paper money reception, receiving cryptanalytic analysis would now see the same resistance. The role of a fixed coin indicates an element of stability. He explains: “Using an unknown property like a pure cryptography, the digital version of the real financial currency and well. I do not feel better than Cryptos and finally, hold Cryptos and switch to the transaction. I think the bridge was offered.”

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Moreover, the stand is no longer Lund speaks of their cooperation with the Stronghold CryptoCorrotyTrading Trading Platform with its use cases. He has a lot of use cases. For example, the true value proposal is the concept of border transactions that have been processed in real time. He also said: “We strongly state that the next step in creating or facilitating the creation of a new digital economy is where the various assets can be digitalized and become free between the counterparties, bringing the weak US dollars to the Black Sea in view of Lund.

Investors of US Do business with dollars Said: “We can not see the peak of all, we have no resources to respond to the inquiries we are receiving, moving around and running in the commercial banks and operating fields around the world and check-up. I think the buzz is probably a bit taller. Certainly, the ability to apply is from our perspective. ” Read about: Artificial intelligence beyond the superpowers

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