Could Robots Be Counselors?

For the first time, I have become quite evident that a social robot can also deliver a ‘helpful’ as well as ‘enjoyable’ motivational interview (MI) which is indeed a counseling technique that is designed to support a behavioral change.

Many preferred a robot to a human.

  • A robot can help in enhancing physical activity, articulate goals and dilemma loudly.
  • MI happens to be a technique that does involve the counselor supporting as well as encouraging someone to talk about their respective needs for change, and their reasons for wanting to change as well.
  • The role of the interviewer in MI is mainly to evoke a conversation about change as well as commitment, and the robot was rather programmed with a given script that is designed to elicit ideas as well as conversation on how someone could increase their physical activity.
  • Robots are perceived as being nonjudgmental and on account of this, they have certain advantages over more humanoid avatars for indeed delivering virtual support for given behavioral change.
  • Robots do not interrupt and help in eliciting talk about sensitive issues.
  • A humanoid social robot can indeed deliver a “positive motivational interview”, thus encouraging participants who are keen to be more physically active to be able to voice their goals as well as challenges.
  • Robots are viewed as being non-judgmental and they do offer greater benefit as compared to the humanoid avatars for delivering the virtual support for behavioral alterations.
  • Robots can be particularly helpful for eliciting talk about sensitive issues.
  • The coming of robots could mean that bookkeepers, umpires, factory workers, and even legal assistants could disappear from the market scene in the coming 20 years.
  • No doubt, one does question the fact whether robots can replace in the arena of a more personal and human touch?
  • Actually, new innovations do suggest that artificial intelligence is invading even the world of physical as well as mental health care. For those seeking treatment for mental health the question that arises in their mind is what sort of role will robots and AI play in the world of therapy? Will therapists and counselors actually be replaced by robots?
  • Robots can send messages, asking simple questions such as “How do you feel today?” or “What are you doing right now and what your general mood is?” It recognizes changes in mood and can also tailor suggestions, in the same manner as a real therapist might.
  • Robots can also take part in professional counseling sessions and thus take the role of counselor. Humanoid robot can carry out the sessions.

Many changes are taking place in the modern world and will continue to do so, particularly in the arena of technology. A social robot will take over many of the tasks usually performed by a human being. This indeed sounds very interesting as well as amazing. It might sound unbelievable also, but nevertheless, it is a fact that the future means robots will play a major role in the daily lives of the human beings.

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