Junior High Robotics Program Starts

Southmont Jr. Robotics will bring the high class. The school has launched the MakerSpace program. Students are taught to learn robotics computer coding. Members of the South Montgomery School board have heard a performance on Monday at their regular monthly meeting.

Since There is demand for higher-pay computer engineering jobs, robotics has become an experiment for schools to teach science, technology, engineering and Math Concepts. New Market Elementary VEX Robotics team is set up. Last year, a Southmont high school club trained a robot to make biscuits and gravy.

Junior High Robotics Program Starts

Robotics teams at Crawfordsville and North Montgomery Schools participated at the state and national level. In the MakerSpace program supported by Purdue Extension, a team of students met every day to program microphones, 3D pens, and other computers. A coding kit allows students to program their own backgrounds, spells, and applications in their own game.

“Our kids are gamers too. I think they love that exactly,” said junior high advisor Jessica Briance Board members. By paying the program dues, the participants became members of the 4-H. Another six weeks session is given in the spring. Briones helps the school, college and career exploration class, in providing a glimpse of computer-related jobs for students.

“Now they have this knowledge, if they tell me, I want to build this robot. I can turn it into a real job and go to that job,” she says. Principal Kevin Wilkinson said that he was looking for other ways to use robots for students. “There are many job opportunities in those sectors. I can ignore the boundary and not to give these students the opportunity to have experience in those matters,” they said, not only in high school but they graduated from high school, going to the real world.

Other Business Board:

A public inquiry into the 2019 budget was held. The district’s promotional education fund is $ 9.5 million. Operational Fund, Transport, bus replacement, and capital projects costs proposed $ 7.6 million. Board Members Special Budget at 6 p.m. October 23rd at Southampton High School, New Market Elementary Teacher Denis Halke accepted a medical leave approved for January 1 and Leandra Long, New Market Instructional Assistant resignation. The next general meeting is 6 p.m. November 12 in Southampton.

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