Facebook’s Oculus Quest VR Headset Help Virtual Reality?

The Oculus Quest is the company’s first independent VR headset to launch with Oculus Rift-Level Graphics. The next spring was scheduled to reduce $ 399. Oculus has announced a new VR headset: The Calculus Quest. It is a 9 independent virtual reality headset that began in the spring of 2019.

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the stage in the fifth edition of the Oculus Developer Conference in San Jose, California. They listen to cheers aloud to launch Okuculus Quest this week. Zuckerberg’s Oculus Quest $ 399 (Rs 28,933) is called “the Stallone Wireless Virtual Reality Headset”, a major leap in the VR area to catch up with the main consumer.

“This is it,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. “This is a VR experience we are all waiting for, it’s wireless, it has a hand presence, free six degrees of freedom and extreme quality experiences.” This Quest is a big deal. This is a headset that developers are seriously convinced to take to VR. The quest is finally the question though users will also be interested in virtual reality. Great VR equipment available in the market like Play Station VR and Oculus Rift.

But Facebook, Google, HTC One, Microsoft, Samsung, and Sony had huge investments, only some people actually bought VR headsets. At the Oculus Connect Developer meeting, Zuckerberg agreed that VR adoption was lower than expected. The company hopes to have 1 billion people using virtual reality, but Zuckerberg noted that Facebook could not reach that goal by 1 percent. That means more than 10 lakh people use obsolete devices. In fact, the reality of receiving virtual reality headsets is clearly visible from the latest IDC report, while VR headset shipments have shrunk 33.7 percent year-on-year in the second quarter.

According to IDC, exports of screened VR systems have fallen. In 2017, it reached 409,000 from 2 million headsets in 2019 to Q2. Startup statistics are due to customers with new smartphones for Samsung and Google’s screenless audience. TKR headset sales fell by 37.3 percent in Q2 2012, due to lack of Oak and Sony to sell a large number of adequate devices. Market leader HTCC reached 1,11,000 headsets at Oaklus at 1,02,000 and Sony at 93,000 in the second quarter. Just keep it, the virtual reality revolution has become a reality yet.

Oculus Quest Tries to Solve Some of VR’s Big Issues:

“Oculus Quest helps to solve hardware challenges. It includes high prices, PC, and Tracking Beaches”, Brian Ma, an analyst with IDC Singapore. Current generation VR headsets suffer from a number of problems. The technology can cause motion sickness, the cost of owning the VR headset is high and invest in a high-end PC to get the best experience. Oculus Quest, previously known by the code-name “Santa Cruz”. It seeks to address three major issues in receiving virtual reality headsets in the near future.

Unlike the PlayStation VR or Viv Pro, the Quest graphics does not require a dedicated PC or console. It is a wireless VR headset featuring “six degrees of freedom” display resolution of 1600×1440 each eye, two hand controllers, four wide-cone cameras, 360-degree audio and built-in sensors. It also assures full location tracking that will reduce the risk of motion sickness. The biggest highlight of the quest is its price: $ 399. It is the same price in the Calculus’ Current Rift bundle and is a $ 400 lower than VIVO Pro, which requires a high-end PC to provide superior graphics.

“With a 6 DoF HMD with two sides controllers without a PC or a Tear $ 400, enthusiasts can not just knock,” said Loop Realty CEO Jignes Tallasila. VR Startup from Hyderabad “Competition, which sells their devices with half the features at Vivek Focus or Daydream or Mirage, at the same price or higher. I must use any kind of VR experience when I buy a device,” he adds.

The weak demand of VR headsets is not associated with the price, depending on the power, graphics, immersion, and it. To date, VR has not really lived up to the hope. Inexpensive devices did not deliver the mass expecting experience, but the top-end tools were just ignored by the price. Yes, Quest is not a high-end VR device because it’s not the PC’s processor and graphics power. Somehow a device carries the virtual reality (VR) into the mainstream market.days

Still Early Days in India:

There is enough evidence to indicate that VR has a long way to go into India. At present, India’s VR headset shipments are less than 50k units. The market size is very low. It is not possible to bring Virtual Reality Headset to India to Oculus of Facebook. “I do not want Oculus quest suppliers in India anytime soon to focus on markets like America, but gray market units will probably make their way,” Bryan said. “India still does not adopt the use of high-level equipment,” Pranshul agreed.

“The corporates understood and realized the benefits of VR, who started using VR for displaying products, marketing, and their workforce. We’re getting 5X more questions on how VR is part of their company compared to the last two years. A lot of the virtual reality area is happening Nuts and markets suggest that “explosion.” The cost of getting VR for an average user is high. The technology is still new and more fully explored. He sees VR headset has a huge use of capabilities in Gaming, Education & Training and Testing, “Jignesh Adds.

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