Hyderabad Startup Bets on Virtual Reality Games to Help Corporates

Loop reality develops 10 to 20 minutes of games. This is to understand whether a candidate has the necessary skills for a job. Employee retention is to grab with each employer. According to the KPMG report, the average annual voluntary rate of execution in India was 13.1%. Not only taking the right talent but also finding ways to retain them. As a result, the appointment today is not just based on job skills, but also their interests and the right of the company’s culture.

Virtual Reality Games to Help Corporates

A VR based fitness solutions to the VIR based solutions provider offering a VR based assessment for Hyderabad loop reality recruitment and employee retention. They have done extensive research. Research has shown that a person’s physical and psychological level of awareness can play an important role in the organization, with the assistance of VR.

“In the past, the appointment is about programming languages like C, C ++ and JAVA. These skills have long been hot technical skills. But today, no skill is more than two or three months. So the focus is on ‘what you can learn’ and ‘how quickly And you’ve been able to do it easily ‘from’ you know. By 2020, the hot skills, complex problem solving, people management, emotional intelligence, and cognitive flexibility are also included. These skills are very easy to have a paper-pen test”, co-founder of the loop reality Ryu explains CEO Jignesh Malaysia.

Besides providing a great riding experience, it is sufficient to use VR, IOT, and analytics. This also provides calculation, heart rate and the amount of data needed to work on one another. But the Indian market is not ready for fitness-based products (especially VR-based) and the cost to take. When they decided to pivot, it was a change in strategy.

With a period of one year in VR space, the revenue of the loop came from contacting multi-national companies (MNCs) to create an internal proof of concept (POC) using VR. The consulting team has helped the team know about the real value of technology is in learning and development.

“L & D space today is usually of analysis and development. The industry is largely the development of unique content. The analysis of the contents is most common. So, we diagnosed and decided to go with. We have our advisers, our research is shared, not as soon as the support received. We are the VR employees. We have a lot of research. Psychology had entered its underlying science to understand and VR of individual personality characteristics would not realize. In October 2017, we called Working on our product Dalupettamu, “Jignesh added.

How Perspect aids in hiring candidates:

Perspect is a VR solution, which is aware of a person. If a person’s mental abilities can be physically assessed, the psychological level can be used to understand this information. Perspect is an automated system, in which an employer can only select a module and create a report by an employee or a prospective candidate.

This report helps the organization to understand the potential of the candidate without bias, thereby increasing the diversity and removing decisions based on just instincts. To correct its production, the Loop Realty holds pilots with 20 companies, tests on different characters, levels and companies – from startup companies to government agencies and MNCs. It officially launched its production on the market at the Nasscom HR Summit and HYSEA Annual Conference on July 27, 2018.

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