New Virtual Reality Game into Business

Virtual Reality Gaming is growing with the opening of One Up Virtual Reality & PC. Owners Taft and Grace Johnson have opened a new virtual reality business called “One Up VR” on North Main in Pocatello near Ridley’s Family Market. They both opened a family oriented arcade in July with over 100 games. These couples are computer geeks in their twenties.

Taft owns “Seven Deadly Sins” Vape Shop in Chubbuck. He has an IT networking background of over six years. He was an internet installer for the state of Idaho. Grace is a technology savvy having grown up with the internet. “It’s amazing how much and how quickly technology has advanced just in our lifetime,” she said.

Virtual Reality Game into Business

The Johnson’s stellar tech skills and keen business sense has helped them create a unique heaven. Here, young and old can come and experience 3D computer-generated world of real-life adventures such as paragliding or scuba diving. A wild imagination enjoys “the haunted maze” or “Zombie Apocalypse” games. There are military and racing games, dancing and fitness, global tours and much more. There are games that can be played solo, with just a couple of people, or with a large group.

Recently, Taft installed a driving bay with bucket seats for simulated “real life” driving games. “Taft is a jack-of-all-trades. He can build and do just about anything needed for this business,” said Grace. The Johnsons welcome people of all ages to come in and give “One Up”. The Virtual Reality experience noting that the kids of 8-13 age must be accompanied by an adult.

“Virtual reality is not a new concept but it has really emerged strongly in the past couple of years. It’s not going away. It’s only going to get better. We want to start hosting gaming tournaments, birthday parties, business and group events. We want to become a part of the community.” said Grace.

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