Virtual Reality Can Alter Your Taste

People’s understanding of the true diet can be changed using Virtual Reality. A study found that the environment plays an important role in our eating experience. According to a study published in the Journal of Food Science, Humans do not taste sweet, tasty and salty water, but they are affected by the environment they eat.

Robin Dando, an associate professor at Cornell University in the US, said: “When we were eating, we realized only the fragrance of taste and food, and the sensory input from our environment – our memories of our eyes, ears, and environments.”

Virtual Reality Can Alter Your Taste

The 50 panelists who used virtual reality headsets gave blue samples three sample samples. Study participants have viewed custom-recorded 360-degree videos in a standardized sensory booth, a fun park bench, and cow barn. Panelists did not know that cheese samples were not identical, and blue cheese was very high in the cow bar system than the sensor booth or virtual park bench.

To control the vacuum results, panelists also rated saline water of three models. Researchers have found that there is no statistical difference. The purpose of the project is to develop an easy implementation and affordable approach to virtual reality technology for use in food sensory analysis.

Our environment is a key part of eating experience, he said. “We consume foods that environments that spill into our perception of food,” says Dando. This type of test provides benefits of flexibility and flexibility, compared to physical environment, researchers said. “This research is possible to use virtual reality, which provides a sophisticated environment for testing, visually, using the features of the virtual reality environment – this kind of test cost-efficient,” Dando said.

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