Virtual Reality and Future of Gaming

Virtual Reality (VR) is indeed the present favorite gaming which offers immersion as well as completely different experiences to what gamers are generally used to.

There indeed have been rather recognizable VR gaming efforts since the 1990s. No doubt, VR gaming is a viable medium which will definitely stay on.

Efforts are on to build empathic training programs for nurses and this will be well received.

While of course, VR from an enterprise or technical standpoint does continue to advance, there is also an increasing adoption of the platform for home entertainment. It has been observed that one of the biggest challenges for VR is definitely to grow with the market viability for independent developers as well as small developers to commercialize the platform in a rather sustainable way.

In fact, a lot of players and a lot of gamers around the world are rather transplanting their expectations of VR from PC and also gaming consoles.

One must realize that it is very expensive to develop VR games as one has to develop content that does perform for VR hardware, and the hardware is indeed lagging behind by a generation as compared to the graphics ability.

People will take time to readjust to the different interactions and control schemes. Major issues that concern VR are simulation sickness, whereby some users do experience dizziness, nausea, and headaches as a result of using VR headsets.

It is important to know that there still is a significant percentage of the population that is indeed vulnerable to simulation sickness.

The cost to get into VR for the average consumer has traditionally been rather high as well. Yet much has been sold.

There is no doubt stiff competition from overseas developers with environments backed by the government and also favorable environments for game production.

Several major companies have been quite successful in location-based entertainment and have announced VR civil planning and architectural toolsets.

Many advances are being made in the field all the time to improve the user experiences and the technology level of the platform.


Virtual reality (VR) is the no doubt a major step in gaming which does offer a totally immersive experience, along with high definition that gamers are not actually accustomed to. The saturation, as well as functionality of VR that have indeed increased by leaps as well as bounds, need to take note of. One might get to know the fact that there has been an introduction of virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and the PlayStation VR that has created a huge interest in virtual reality’s potential.

VR applications are indeed evolving at a fast pace. They are moving from education to healthcare to even pure entertainment. Prior to what was previously believed, gaming is indeed directly related to the social behaviors of a society and technological advancements. When all three to come together to connect, we are more capable of analyzing, then transforming the way one behaves as well as interacts. Our minds are indeed broadened and also constantly challenged by the new techniques thus allowing game developers to construct games with a better understanding of the gaming experience.

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