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How do we make sure that the new technology does remain ethically sound, and that our data does remain secure?

In 2017, artificial intelligence rose to prominence and in 2018 it went mainstream. Whichever area one works in it is indeed likely AI will ever become increasingly prevalent in one’s everyday activity. Wherever one is in the world, whether one was an expert in AI, someone whose job increasingly does make use of AI is what matters.

Impact of artificial intelligence on podcast

The question that arises is whether the existing technologies are extensions of us, codified in machines as well as infrastructures, in frameworks of knowledge as well as action. Computers do not necessarily provide us all answers but do allow us to put new questions for required answers.

What is AI?

This question is of international importance. There are fears of unregulated AI weapons and therefore regulation is required of the developed AI weapons. Facebook is expected to make use of artificial intelligence to be able to fight against a vast variety of platform-spoiling misbehavior, thus including fake news, hate speech, discriminatory ads and terrorist propaganda. But are governments really acting quickly enough? What is the real threat that one might notice? What is the existing framework of governance for AI technology?

With robots increasingly being made use of to replace the work of humans, what does the future hold? Jobs may get automated soon in several countries and many millions of people are at risk of losing their jobs to machines. Most of the jobs currently will be managed by robots. AI would indeed create slightly more jobs than it would have displaced by boosting economic growth. So what does it imply for those industries whose employees are being replaced by robots? Could an AI ever answer questions about the universe that scientists have worked their entire life trying to answer? Are we already seeing changes beginning to happen?

The rise of the machines: has technology evolved beyond our control?

AI is now also being made use of in healthcare industry in order to support the work of medical staff matters of surveillance, navigation, gambling as well as gaming, in banking and finance so as to predict market trends, in the art world as well as a tool to spot forgeries, in education and even in the care for the elderly.

How do we ensure this new technology does remain ethically sound, and that our data does remain secure? Are we doing enough to be able to prepare oneself for the required changes that are taking place in our daily lives? Also, how will this impact the future generations?


AI will indeed play an important role in our daily activities and cannot be negated as an effective and well-serving technology that will bring about many changes in our lives. The focus of most industries is upon AI and is being utilized to make the lives of people more comfortable which also includes the elderly. You may like: Intel buys Seattle Artificial Intelligence startup

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