Do the pros of artificial intelligence outweigh the cons?

Several questions do arise in one’s mind as far as artificial intelligence is concerned. Some of these are:

  • Would one implement an AI system that would lead millions of people to feel rather lonely?
  • That resulted in massive unemployment?
  • That perpetuated inequality as well as racism?

Freedom from boredom versus unemployment

There are many benefits of artificial intelligence:

  • It frees people from rather repetitive, predictable tasks that could be more easily as well as safely performed by machines as well as AI. Yet, freeing people from basic and repetitive tasks could also imply that massive job losses for factory workers, vehicle drivers, retail salespeople, restaurant workers, as well as other issues. Some may turn to alternative work but some may be permanently out of work.
  • Voice assistants have made finding restaurants, setting alarms, streaming music, reading books, answering predictable questions, and several other trivial tasks far easier and quicker – particularly for those maybe occupied otherwise or are disabled. The time saved can be utilized for personal or family. However, this could also result in job losses as the need for personal assistants decreases, and workers are also able to accomplish much more in their limited time.
  • Improved medical diagnoses versus lack of trust and responsibility have proved AI very worthy, performing better than doctors.

AI has been useful in accurate incision cutting, development of vastly quicker medical treatment plans, as well as better predictions of heart attacks and of course strokes.

There are ethical issues that do arise as well such as: When should medical specialists trust their own expertise vis-à-vis technologies that are slowly starting to out-perform them? When does the doctor get blamed for trusting AI over their own diagnosis, or vice versa, only to realize their decision was incorrect? When do we also pursue sanctions for incorrect decisions?

Increased impartiality versus perpetuation of bias

AI also has the potentiality to reduce and even get rid of human biases such as racism, sexism, and several other types of hate. AI protocols can instantly wipe out rather unconscious biases of even the most sensitive, ethical people. AI technologies have already been made use of to set bail resulting in much more equitable outcomes.

One has to ensure that AI technologies must be implemented properly. No doubt, there is a serious problem with the creation of ethical AI technologies. Ethical values differ from region to region. Morality also differs.

Therefore, there is indeed no easy way of ensuring that AI technologies are rather applied in ethical ways. But one can take note of their potentiality in development as well as application. The effort has to be made to resolve problems and AI need to be utilized in a manner that the people get much benefit.

Technology has grown manifold and AI has added a new dimension to it. The work of AI is to facilitate lifestyles and also overcome difficulties that humans usually face.

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