Big Data Comes With Big Questions

Discussions at Ethical Data Leadership Conclave have been expected to come from experts in the industry. “Humanity is like a walking dreamer who drew between sleeping and the chaos of the real world today. We created a Star Wars civilization, the emotional age of stone age, the medieval institutions and the god of technology”- Edward O. Wilson.

American Nationalist EO Wilson, the former chairman of Microsoft (India) Bhaskar Pathak, has said, “The Artificial Intelligence of the fastest innovation is to see a complex eye. Management Ethical Leadership Conference keynote speech, referring to the data, the advancement of technology related to this concern, the major companies in this sector have a shared responsibility. “To achieve this, he felt that he possesses Humanities subjects in science and technology courses, which helps students develop a humane system, as data analytics consulting firm, Cartesian Consulting Pvt Ltd, ensures the client’s privacy, sources of accuracy, and digital responsibility. Narasimha Murthy’s Vice President Speaking in the panel”.

He also said, “Interpolations are not primarily credible because of his technical skills. The responsibility of the employee is for data security.” Ethics has, according to him, developed and practiced leaders in India’s control chassis industry is behind technological advancement. Srikrishna Panel Report on Security submitted to the IT Ministry, the IIM professor Rahul D. said that the information collected should be used only for the purposes of intended purpose, by the term ‘morality’. The companies are not treated for consumers, “Anap Nambiar, Partner, Deloitte (India) Octopus Cards Limited.

Hong Kong’s Smart Card Company represents personal data violations, recently begun in India for early lapses and struggles to achieve improvements. These activities provide massive revenue with the priority of the company “Anoop World Service.” Formerly working with HSBC and IBM, has asked India to start a balanced approach to learn from the disasters in other parts of the world.

Finally answering the question about social credit score, SAS director of the panel debate Arun V. Cherie, Data Analytics Headquarters Sarkar, also known as ‘Social Credit Score’ in India, has already been introduced in China, but in the country like Rahul Devi it leads to the weaker sections of the weakest societies because many bank accounts, higher education, hospital records or the list of such requests .

Anup, like Rahul, feared that the data could harm the data on the issue of ‘loyalty’. This meeting, which has a large database of large data analyzes in the coming years, conducts each informant analyst or information procurement organization or large datasets.

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