Big Data in the Automotive Industry Market 2018-2030

“Big Data in Automotive Industry: 2018 – 2030 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts” from SNS Telecom and IT ReportAndmarkets has been added to the submission. Big Data in Automotive Industry: 2018 – 2030 includes Charges, Challenges, Strategies & Forecasts Report, Key Market Drivers, Challenges, Investment Potential, Application Areas, Consumer Cases, Future Roadmap, Value Chain, Case Studies, Vendor profiles, and strategies.

The report estimates from 2018 to 2030 for big data hardware, software, and professional services investments. The research estimates that the Big Data Investments in the automobile industry will exceed $ 3.3 billion in 2018. With the dominance of automotive OEMs, Tier-1 distributors, insurers, and business opportunities, these investments are expected to increase around 16% at CAGR over the next three years.

Big data is rapidly getting traffic from diverse sectors, between real-time and expansion of historical data. It gets from the sources such as connectivity devices, web, social media, sensors, logs files, and transaction applications. The automotive industry is not exempt from this trend. Big Data has found a host of applications ranging from product design and products. It predicts vehicle maintenance and autonomous driving.

Key Findings:

The report contains the key results. In 2018, Big Data Vendors earn more than $3.3 billion pockets from hardware, software and professional services revenue in the automobile industry. These investments are estimated to increase at around 16% at the CAGR in the next three years.

Eventually, this reaches $5 billion by 2021. Automated OEMs and other shareholders have started using the vehicle through the use of Big Data Technologies. It also includes realistic mapping, personalized conveyor, independent driving and outside speculating vehicle maintenance and many innovative ways-derived data assets from UBI (usage-based insurance).

The Exit Analytics refers to the processing and analysis of the source information, cameras, LiDAR, and other onboard sensors. It helps real-time data to become more unwanted for applications such as autonomous driving. Immediately and reliably act on it.

Confidentiality and Continuation of an Important Anxiety – The automotive industry is the location of vehicles and other departments. It requires to acquire Big Data through creative normalization and dedicated cyber security investments. The report covers

  • Big Data ecosystem,
  • Market drivers and barriers,
  • Enabling technologies, standardization and regulatory initiatives,
  • Big Data analytics and implementation models,
    Business case, application areas and use cases in the automotive industry,
  • Over 35 case studies of Big Data investments by automotive OEMs and other stakeholders,
  • Future roadmap and value chain,
  • Market analysis and forecasts from 2018 till 2030.

Market forecasts are provided for each of the following sub markets and their subcategories: Hardware, Software & Professional Services, Hardware, Software, Professional Services.

Use Cases:

  • Supply Chain Management,
  • Product Design & Planning,
  • Predictive Maintenance & Real-Time Diagnostics,
  • UBI (Usage-Based Insurance),
  • Autonomous & Semi-Autonomous Driving,
  • Intelligent Transportation,
  • Driver Safety & Vehicle Cyber Security,
  • Customer Retention, and Third Party Monetization.

Application Areas:

  • Product Development,
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain,
  • After-Sales, Warranty & Dealer Management,
  • Connected Vehicles & Intelligent Transportation,
  • Marketing, Sales & Other Applications.

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