Stalemate overuse of big data in governance

Efforts are on to develop a pilot project proposal for deploying big data in governance that does seem to have hit roadblocks.

A task group that does comprise of officials, domain experts as well as academicians was indeed formed to formalize a pilot project with government departments. This indeed set the tone for larger implementation of data-driven governance as well as modernization of the state administration.

Stalemate overuse of big data in governance

After delays because of an apparent lack of coordination among the members as well as government officials, the task group is rather set to skip the step entirely and also prepare a report presenting an overall roadmap. The focus is also on the roadmap.

Some departments such as agriculture and health have been identified and coordination has been for the big data task group. The task groups will be in touch on aspects of policy-making by collating case studies from around the world around big data, artificial intelligence as well as machine learning.

  • One has initially decided to prepare a comprehensive document on how, where and why big data can be made use of better governance and also policy-making. Topics under consideration are health, education, agriculture etc.
  • Government officials are yet to be sensitized about how big data is beneficial and why it is necessary to analyze and also make data publicly accessible. This data should is made available across departments, but officials need to implement as this will be more proactive and warm up to the idea of big data.
  • Governance is much in vogue and is appreciated by many institutions as it is essential to operate the set-up well. National governance is also equally important along with global governance. Structures of an institution are very important and designing of it is much focused upon. International institutions face major challenges.
  • Globalization has required institutions to focus on designing the structures of these set-ups.
  • Proposals are for global governance which is on the agenda of the international community. Strategies are formed and annual meetings are held to chalk out various processes of global as well as national governments and also with regard to local set-ups.
  • Efforts are on to create a stable economy as well as a financial system for the postwar world.
  • The focus is on global prosperity and governance cannot be negated. The idea is to promote this global prosperity.
  • There is definitely a need to strengthen the system of global governance by reforming and strengthening the UN. However, not much has been achieved on this front. This failure has left many challenges unanswered. Nevertheless, the system of global governance than currently exists.
  • There is a stalemate of global trade negotiations which global leaders are facing.

A chart of action has been created for the international community to deal with international monetary issues and development problems. For example, the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) of the IMF does focus primarily on the international monetary system and matters of direct relevance to the fund and much priority is being given priority to developing countries and development challenges.

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