Resolution Games Raised $ 7.5 million for AR / VR Games

Resolution games have taken its bait! Franchise made into augmented reality. Resolution Games CEO Tommy Palm, and Sami Ronkainen, creative director of Rovio, show off a creator edition of Magic Leap. Scandinavia’s Resolution Games raised $ 7.5 million for augmented reality and virtual reality games. Fundamentals of Virtual Reality game manufacturers are not what they use.

Resolution games are a great track record and the expansion of augmented reality. It still promotes investors to lend money into the AR / VR venture. In a few short years, Stockholm-based resolution games triggered confidence in knowing what to do in the emerging markets of AR and VR, which would take many years to develop. At this time, resolution games have beaten games such as bait! For both VR and AR.

It’s just created Rovio’s Angry Birds FPS: The First Person Slingshot for Magic Leap One Creator Edition AR Glasses. MizMaa Ventures led to the round. Other investors include venture capital firms GP Bullhand and Fly Forever, new investors and Unity co-founder David Helesson. Earlier round investors included GV, Partek, Banier Ventures, Cranam and Sise Game Ventures also participated in the round.

“These high-caliber leaders are very excited to join our team and watch continuous support from our current investors,” CEO of radio games Tommy Pal said in a statement. We can work towards the maturity and are getting better to get the advantage of the maturing market. “Palm became one of the leaders on the Cam Crush Saga, which created massive mobile game funds for King, which was later acquired by Activision Blissed at $ 6 billion and later.

With this latest infusion to help, the company has total funding $ 13.5 million, enabling VR and AR to further expand and expand the portfolio of intellectual property (IP). In the first three years, the studio produced the Byte and the other highest rated games. MES team in the discovery for VR and AR games The main character is their team’s background, market leader We are surprised that they are joining their team because they have set up more standards for VR and AR games markets, “Catherine K.C. The general partner of the league, Mizma Ventures, in a statement. Resolution games have 35 employees, and it works in five games, including an AR game and four VR titles.

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